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Episode Reviews - Go!

Episode #62 - Go!
Original Airdate - December 17th, 2005

How did ROBIN meet STARFIRE? What was BEAST BOY's first joke? Why did CYBORG build his Sonic Cannon? When did RAVEN first call the Titans her friends? Return to the very beginning and see how it all started from the word "GO!"

Review by Bird Boy
Media by Bird Boy
Titans Writers
Written by David Slack
Directed by Michael Chang
Music by Kristopher Carter
Animation by Lotto Animation

Titans Voices
Greg Cipes as Beast Boy
Scott Menville as Robin
Khary Payton as Cyborg
Tara Strong as Raven
Hyden Walch as Starfire
Gary Sturgis as Trogaar

Screen Grabs


Sound Clips
"Just moved here." (MP3, 262kb)

In what may be the only episode of Teen Titans I was anticipating for a good season or two, Im met with an episode that has a plot fit for season one, really strange animation and generic music. Maybe if this was season one (why do an origin story in season five, if, originally, this show was never meant to have an origin), Id have loved this episode. As is its just an incredible back-pedal through time where all of the character progression we had with the Titans is thrown out the window and they have all regressed to their former state of being uncomfortable around each other.

Of course youll say well it wouldnt make sense otherwise! I agree completely with that, but thats not my major problem with the story. The fact that its taken place in not only the fifth but final season of Teen Titansit seems wasteful. This is series opener material and not a two-years-later story.

So if I didnt want an origin story this late in the game, why did I anticipate this episode? Well I quite frankly thought itd be something entirely different. Instead everything about this episode is what Ive used to describe this season: generic. Familiar story lines, uninspired animation and fights and some of the poorest character interaction between the Titans Ive seen this season. Perhaps the creative team is getting bored with the show, I dont know. All I know is that this is starting to get really, really aggravating that I cant seem to enjoy an episode without feeling like Ive seen or watched half of it already.

Now with my major complaints aside, there were a few positives in this episode. Seeing Starfire angry and Hynden Walch giving a great performance (especially with all that Tamaranian dialogue she was spouting), the obvious fan-boy pleasing references to Batman, the re-use of Robins theme from Return of the Joker (in what sounded like some kind of annoying keyboard version) and the throwback to Beast Boy and the Doom Patrol. Raven was given no exposition in this episode, she just randomly showed up and Cyborgwell he was about the same as Raven, aside from snapping and calling himself a monster because of all his half-techno self.

The story was kind of interesting, but I felt it dragged on way too long. David Slack said he had trouble writing this story around five origins, but it really served as one origin (Starfire) and throw-a-way references to pasts (everyone else), that took all of ten seconds of the episode. Perhaps the real task in this episode was trying to keep it interesting for twenty minutes and if that was the casewell, I think everyone knows my opinion by now.

Through it all I love Teen Titansbut this last season is really nothing but a bunch of boring episodes with an overall story arc of, so far, nothing interesting. A few random good episodes here and there, but nothing that we really havent seen in past seasons; I will be lynched for saying it, Im sure, but this series really shouldve fallen prey to Cartoon Networks fifty-two episode limit. It would have been better off.

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