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Releases - DVD - The Complete Fifth Season

Release Information
Announce Date: 3/26/07
Street Date: 7/22/08
MSRP: $19.98
Packaging Type: Amaray Case
Disc Configuration: 1) 9-Dual Layer 2) 9-Dual Layer
Run Time: 299
Subtitles: English
Aspect Ratio: Original Aspect Ratio - 1.33, Standard [4:3 Transfer]
Sound Quality: English: Dolby Surround Stereo 2.0

Homecoming, Part 1; Homecoming, Part 2; Trust; For Real; Snowblind; Kole; Hide and Seek; Lightspeed; Revved Up; Go!; Calling All Titans; Titans Together; Things Change

Special Features
: Access top-secret files from the Teen Titans: Friends and Foes featurette gallery ("The Doom Patrol" (5:07), "Titans East" (5:24), "Honorary Titans" (6:00), "The Brotherhood of Evil" (5:09), "Gordanians" (3:33)).

Synopsis: The teen scene is over for these adolescent phenoms - Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven - as they launch into a feud with the ultimate team of villains: The Brotherhood of Evil. Led by criminal mastermind Brain, this motley group - Madam Rouge, Monsieur Mallah and General Immortus - plots to rid the world of every Super Hero. One by one, they take out honorary Titans like Wildebeest and Hotspot, escalating the vendetta into a global war that ends with the unthinkable. It's up to Beast Boy to perform his most amazing transformation, or it will certainly be the end of the Titans forever!

Featuring all your favorite Titan heroes plus every imaginable thug, crook and scoundrel from the Titans' rogue gallery, this action-packed 2-disc collection will capture you up until the very last showdown!

When most shows on Cartoon Network met their end at fifty-two episodes, few held out hope that Teen Titans would have a different fate. When the shows fifty-second episode aired, however, it was obvious the network wasn’t ready to let go of the ratings sensation and news soon followed that a fifth, and final, season would be airing on the network. It seemed no sooner did the news come that we were watching the controversial (among fans) series finale “Things Change” during a weekday airing on Cartoon Network. Despite ending, the series enjoyed a healthy multi-year run after it ended over two years ago, the series has just now become complete for fans to own on DVD.

For the final season of Teen Titans fans got to see what the writers and directors of the series would do with “one last chance” at showing off their creation from the past three years. What we got was the Titans expanding not only in ranks but teaming up with other superhero teams like the Doom Patrol to take down the wicked Brotherhood of Evil. The series arc culminated in a two-part finale that brought together a myriad of Titans to face off against the Brotherhood members in the shows most intricately choreographed and detailed fight.

At the time I felt unimpressed by Teen Titans final season, simply because I’d felt that it’d run its course. The show had its moments still, but it wasn’t something I was ever greatly impressed with after its superb first season. By the time the fifth season aired and the new Titans and villains were introduced, it felt like a Justice League Unlimited rip off, which, at the time (and I still do, really) considered to be a much superior show. As time passed and I sat down to re-watch the season for this DVD release, I realized that while it may have seemed to simply rip off JLU, it really didn’t matter; Teen Titans followed the same progression as the Justice League show did and it really was just the natural place to take a series that had run for that long.

Watching the series now is really just fun in its simplest form. There’s action, comedy and interesting characters along the way, accompanied by some of the best animation from the past decade to accompany each one of the episodes. It’s an incredibly impressive show as it is one of few that was made to appeal genuinely appeal to both kids and adults, never dumbing down an issue so much that it makes the adult in you roll your eyes or the kid in you stomp his feet because he’s being preached to. The show really struck a universal chord and it’s simply one of the best pieces of superhero animation out there; not as serious as the Justice League series, obviously, what with its anime influenced animation, but it is a series that coasts along at such a high speed that you’re through with the season before you know it.

With the majority of the episodes belonging to the overall Brotherhood of Evil arc, there are only a few episodes that stand on their own. “Go!” is the longed for “origin” episode that fans had been clamoring for and while I was ultimately disappointed with it (re-reading my review of it, I was very disappointed with it, apparently…man was I hard to please), it did offer a few cool throw-backs to previous episodes in the series. As if that wasn’t enough, the final episode, “Things Change”, brought the return of what appeared to be Terra, but it was all so vague in nature that it’s hard to decide where it really was going. The overall message was clear (if you didn’t get it, just look at the name of the episode) and it really was a fitting end to the series.

Looking back on the show, I can see why I was so disappointed with it three years ago when it first started airing, but honestly I’d just have to smack my younger self for how much venom I spit out over the final season; it wasn’t the best and while I still don’t feel it was the best use of a shows final season, it did manage to entertain, especially when watched in quick succession on DVD. It’s not the shows best (I reserve that for the shows first season), but it has its moments and even on its worst day, Teen Titans blows away the competition. Recommended

Teen Titans final season arrives on DVD in a standard two-disc amaray DVD case that is similar in style to the past releases. It blends well with the rest of the sets on your shelf and continues the colorful streak of spines that the previous seasons show off. There is no insert, like the last season, and only the discs (whose art is 100% identical to Season 4’s discs…sans saying “Season 5”, at least) are inside. At least the art for the set appears to be new or unused art, so it’s not the same ol’ stock art that other sets get smacked with. Menus are static and easy to navigate, so no worries about the young ones getting confused for this set.

The video and audio for this release are what we’ve come to expect from the series. It’s a very strong progressive scan transfer, showing few signs of compression and just overall looking awesome. The colors are vibrant and aside from the lack of a 16x9 image (should we ever see that, I suspect it’ll be a Blu-ray release…if this series would ever warrant such a release, anyway), there’s little for me to complain about on the video front. The audio is also clean and clear in a solid English Dolby Surround Stereo track (sorry, nothing else…only English subtitles as well).

In the extras department we have a surprising amount to pick from. Aside from the usual trailers, we have the “Teen Titans: Friends and Foes” featurette gallery. This isn’t as boring as it sounds, as the five different extras, running an aggregated 25:15, feature plenty of interviews with the crew of the show, who talk about their decisions for certain characters and their comic book inspirations. In all we hear about "The Doom Patrol" (5:07), "Titans East" (5:24), "Honorary Titans" (6:00), "The Brotherhood of Evil" (5:09), and "Gordanians" (3:33), so there’s plenty for fans to listen to and pick apart here.

Sadly that’s it for this release; there’s nothing else here to check out. Fans of the show will want to complete their collection with this release and those with younger superhero fans running around the house will no doubt want to give them another dose of the Titans. Recommended.

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