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Releases - DVD - Divide and Conquer (Mini-DVD)

Release Information
Studio: Warner Home Video
Announce Date: 3/21/05
Street Date: 4/26/05
Orig Sell Thru Street Date: 12/3/04
Closed Captioning: Yes
MSRP: $14.96
Packaging Type: Thin Case
Subformat: Single Mini-Disc
Media Quantity: 1
Run Time: 64
Contains the episodes: Divide and Conquer, Sisters, Final Exam

Edition Details
• Aspect Ratio: Original Aspect Ratio - 2.66
• Sound Quality: English: Stereo 2S
Official Description (Amazon): The Big World of DVD Just Got Smaller! Introducing the new, evolutionary personal Mini-DVD player from CyberHome; the CH-MDP 2500 uses a 3-inch Mini-DVD disc that will enable you to enjoy DVD on the go with unprecedented portability and ease of use. Weighing only twelve ounces, it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, a backpack or in your pocket! In addition, the Mini-DVD discs are compatible in standard tray-loading DVD players! And there’s more – it also comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack for up to 3 hrs of running time and a charging cradle so you’ll never have to buy batteries! Great for long trips or quiet time, the CyberHome CH-MDP 2500 is a personal, portable, and easy to use Mini-DVD player wherever you or your family goes.

Five kickin teens live large, have fun, and bring down baddies! Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy and Robin are roommates…and the ultimate teen hero team ever! No secret identities for them: they’re all about taking down the riffraff one villain at a time! In DIVIDE AND CONQUER, that villain is Cinderblock, who stages a jailbreak for the evil mastermind Slade. Even superheroes are subject to sibling rivalry when Starfire’s ultrahip sister Blackfire visits in SISTERS. Slade hires three teenage super villains to bury the heroes in FINAL EXAM.

Official Description (WHV): Teen Titans features five teen superheroes - each with special powers - led by Robin The Boy Wonder. This group unites to form a defensive force to protect the Earth from a new generation of villains - while coping with the problems of adolescence.

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