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Releases - DVD - Season 1, Volume 1 - Divide and Conquer

Release Information
Studio: Warner Home Video
Announce Date: 6/30/04
Street Date: 9/28/04
Closed Captioning: Yes
MSRP: $19.97
Packaging Type: Snap Case
Subformat: Single Disc
Media Quantity: 1
Sound Track Language: English
Run Time: 129
Contains the episodes: Divide and Conquer, Sisters, Final Exam, Forces of Nature, The Sum of His Parts, Nevermore
Aspect Ratio(s)
Original Aspect Ratio - 1.33, Standard [4:3 Transfer]*

Discographic Information
1 English, 2 Francais, 3 Espanol
Sound Quality:
English: Stereo 2S
Francais: Stereo 2S
Espanol: Stereo 2S

Edition Details
• Encoding: Region 1
• Animated, Color

* - Note: Early specifications stated that the release would be Widescreen. Packaging and disc art stated the same, however the transfer was full screen. Later production runs on the DVD yielded a corrected packaging which stated the Aspect Ratio as "Standard Version." Disc art remains uncorrected at this time.

The back packing featuring the 'Widescreen' written on the back is shown above as the second image in the line. Thanks to BonyT for scanning the image!

Special Features: Music Video
Other: Comic Creations: From Comics to Cartoon; Find the Remote; Sneak Peek: Hi Hi! Puffy Ami Yumi

Official Description: Teen Titans features five teen superheroes, each with special powers, led by Robin The Boy Wonder. This group unites to form a defensive force to protect the Earth from a new generation of villains - while coping with the problems of adolescence. Episodes include: Divide and Conquer, Sisters, Final Exam, Forces of Nature, The Sum of His Parts, Nevermore.

Review: Sporting the first six episodes of season one, Teen Titans: Divide and Conquer, Season 1, Volume 1, comes in as one of the best single-disc releases WBHV has put out in recent memory. Incredibly solid and brilliant transfers of the episodes are accompanied by great audio that seems to bounce around across speakers more often then you’d expect for a simple 2.0 Dolby audio setup.

One of the more surprising aspects of the disc is the featurette on the disc, discussing the history of Teen Titans—not just the show, but the comic book it was spawned from. Sporting interviews from Marv Wolfman, David Slack, Glen Murakami and others involved in the past, present and future of Teen Titans, this featurette clocks in at over twenty minutes long. In addition to a few random games and an incredibly weird (but highly enjoyable) music video with Puffy Ami Yumi singing the full-length Teen Titans theme song, the special features are really packed onto this little disc.

A thing I noticed about this disc and the second volume (“Switched”) is that the menus, video and audio transfers and special features are all way above and beyond what WBHV has been doing with other superhero properties (‘Justice League / Unlimited’, ‘The Batman’), which include 3-episode disc releases and sometimes shoddy transfers. Whoever is put in charge of these Teen Titans releases deserve a huge pat on the back—they’re giving fans high-quality releases of a show that probably won’t see season-volume releases for a long, long time.

As previously mentioned, the video and audio are rock solid. There’s very little hint of compression or absolutely no interlacing to be seen on these episodes. These are, bar none, the best transfers of a cartoon I’ve ever seen, even eclipsing what the Futurama DVDs put out.

Of course, there are always things to complain about. Commentaries, as always, would’ve been nice, but that featurette did fill in some cool behind-the-scenes things that the creators revealed. The packaging remained a snapper unfortunately, but with those two complaints aside, there really isn’t much else to complain about the release. A low price on top of a nice collection of episodes make it a worthwhile purchase and addition to any collection.
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