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Media - Sound Clips

The sound clips below are all located in their respective Review pages.

| Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3 | Season 4 | Season 5 |

Season 1
Forces of Nature
"You Are a Klor-Back Varbler Nelk" (MP3, 156kb)

"What's the Matter? Afraid of the Dark?" (MP3, 169kb)

"Whats wrong with the way that I look?" (MP3, 208kb)

Deep Six
Beast Boy's Mic Gets Switched Off (MP3, 197kb)
"He Just Put on 300,000 pounds. I am so jealous." (MP3, 137kb)
"Who Is This Guy?" (MP3, 177kb)
"I Usually Work Alone." (MP3, 320kb)

"Patience, Robin...Patience." (MP3, 275kb)
"You Almost Got Hurt." (MP3, 340kb)
"On the contrary,'s just begun." (MP3, 261kb)
"You Wanna Yell at Me Too?" (MP3, 491kb)

Mad Mod
Cyborg "Awakens" Beast Boy (MP3, 322kb)
"Umm...Boogers?" (MP3, 248kb)

Car Trouble
"You do not want it back..." (MP3, 191kb)
"You lost my car?!..My car lost a race?!" (MP3, 227kb)
Cyborg and Raven have a Chat (MP3, 396kb)
"Getting really hard to concentrate..." (MP3, 136kb)

Apprentice, Part 1
"What's a crouton detonator?" (MP3, 287kb)
"You don't have to act like Slade." (MP3, 387kb)
"From the inside, out" (MP3, 191kb)
"And I'll make you watch." (MP3, 561kb)

Apprentice Part 2
"I Already Have One" (MP3, 200kb)
"I would like you to call me 'Master'" (MP3, 241kb)
"We are your friends." (MP3, 125kb)
Robin talks to Starfire (MP3, 265kb)

Season 2
How Long Is Forever
"Just like allllllll the others..." (MP3, 374kb)
"I haven't used that name in a long time..." (MP3, 139kb)
"I'm BALD!?" (MP3, 396kb)
"So...Nightwing, huh?" (MP3, 144kb)

Every Dog Has His Day
"*buuuuuuuuurp*.......EWWWWWWWWWW" (MP3, 274kb)
"Dog's don't talk!" (MP3, 260kb)

"And You are..." (MP3, 243kb)

Only Human
The Titans Cheer Cyborg On (MP3, 180kb)
"What do I have to make it do? Fly out my--" (MP3, 156kb)
"Yeah...what she said!" (MP3, 228kb)
"I..dominate you." (MP3, 180kb)
"There must be a way out..." (MP3, 164kb)
Robin talks with Spike (MP3, 206kb)
Fear Itself
"You will be. You will be." (MP3, 280kb)
"Run! It'll eat your brains!!" (MP3, 229kb)
"I've fought psychotic villains..." (MP3, 348kb)
"Whose claws are on my grebnaks?!" (MP3, 241kb)
"I'm afraid not" (MP3, 142kb)

Date With Destiny
"Robbie Poo!" (MP3, 306kb)
"She is a glempork not worthy of Robin's time!" (MP3, 78kb)
"Sorry, I don't like you that way." (MP3, 175kb)
"You get off my boy." (MP3, 186kb)

Beast Boy Needs in the Bathoom (MP3, 485kb)
"You can have your friend back..." (MP3, 78kb)
"...until Beast Boy got the Chicken Pox." (MP3, 147kb)

Titan Rising
"Uh...why does she hate me?" (MP3, 251kb)
"I like where we live!" (MP3, 123kb)
"You can start by trusting me." (MP3, 246kb)
"It took me a year to stop hating Beast Boy." (MP3, 148kb)
"They really trust me..." (MP3, 317kb)

Winner Take All
"I didn't know Robin had a clone..." (MP3, 192kb)

" the greatest pie." (MP3, 90kb)
"Fight anyway." (MP3, 73kb)
"She is my apprentice." (MP3, 144kb)

Johnny and Robin Talk (MP3, 107kb)
Larry sings some of the Titans theme (MP3, 315kb)
"Please! No more Robin yelling at Robin!" (MP3, 196kb)
Larry states his name (MP3, 196kb)
"We did! Together!" (MP3, 259kb)

Aftershock, Part 1
"Because Beast Boy lacks the..." (MP3, 184kb)
"Terra." "Raven." (MP3, 177kb)

Aftershock, Part 2
"I can't believe they beat me..." (MP3, 173kb)

Season 3
"The only crime here..." (MP3, 80kb)
"And now I smell like Rhino butt..." (MP3, 36kb)
"What's the matter kid?" (MP3, 113kb)

"More than life itself..." (MP3, 59kb)
"Oh my stomach..." (MP3, 84kb)

"You taught me spells...but I've learned a new curse"

The Beast Within
"Ohhh yeah, bad grammar. That'll get him." (MP3, 91kb)
"You are acting like at total zargnarf!" (MP3, 78kb)

Can I Keep Him?

Bunny Raven...or...
"You're great, I love you." (MP3, 66kb)

Titan's East, Part 1
Cyborg's Song (MP3, 155kb)
"I probably knew these guys!" (MP3, 155kb)
"Can't work...tacos..." (MP3, 131kb)

Season 4
Episode 257-494
"Starfire, run for you life!" (MP3, 137kb)
The Zinthos Commercial (MP3, 193kb)

The Quest
"Not you Robin, the other Robin..." (MP3, 119kb)

The Prophecy
Slade and Raven Talk (MP3, 102kb)
Slade Explains the Mark (MP3, 222kb)
"Only one way to test it..." (MP3, 179kb)

"He's more Cyborg-y than ever!" (MP3, 86kb)
"Because you..." (MP3, 114kb)

Mother Mae-Eye
Mother Mae-Eye attemps to Clean Starfire's Nose (MP3, 120kb)
"You are not my mother." (MP3, 86kb)
"Just kidding!...kinda..." (MP3, 120kb)

The End, Part 2
"Nothing two old friends can't handle." (MP3, 69kb)
"I'll take that as a compliment." (MP3, 138kb)
"I'd expect no less." (MP3, 149kb)

The End, Part 3
"It can and it will!" (MP3, 46kb)
"You're still not funny." (MP3, 132kb)
"On my planet, this is hilarious." (MP3, 179kb)

Season 5
Homecoming, Part 1
"I know what you're thinking..." (MP3, 149kb)
"All right!" (MP3, 77kb)
"'Whoever you are'?" (MP3, 130kb)

For Real
"Stingers, huh?" (MP3, 129kb)
"This stinks." (MP3, 207kb)
"Unbelievable!" (MP3, 168kb)

"Neither is Raven." (MP3, 85kb)
"Aren't you?" (MP3, 60kb)

"Just moved here." (MP3, 262kb)

Things Change

"That's because..." (MP3, 129kb)
Slade and Beast Boy Talk (MP3, 265kb)
Terra and Beast Boy Talk (MP3, 623kb)

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