Bios - Wildebeest

Voiced by: Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance: "Winner Take All"; "Trust" (Speaking/Grunting)
Position: Honorary Titan.

Biography: "Four-Hundred pounds of primal, heroic fury" is how the Master of Games describes this super hero. While he may not talk at all, he expresses his distaste and rage through a series of grunts and...well, more grunts. He defeated Beast Boy in their round together, but was quickly toppled when Robin and Speedy joined together.

Wildebeest, along with Speedy and Hot Spot, became an honorary Teen Titan.

After the Brotherhood of Evil formed, Madame Rouge was sent out to capture one of the Titans transmitters. Instead of going after a real Teen Titan, she went after honorary members. Wildebeest was one of them, but after his transmitter fell and broke, the Titans were unable to locate Wildebeest. It is unknown where he currently is.

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