Bios - Val-Yor

Voiced By: Stephen Root
First Appearance: "TROQ"
Position: Captain

Biography: Val-Yor, a courageous captain from the depths of space, arrives on Earth with ships of the species Locrix hot on his tail. He evades them in a spectacular display of piloting and impresses the Titans along the way. After telling them what his plight with the Locrix are, they are enlisted and taken through space to the Locrix homeworld, where they are able to shut down the planet’s core, shutting the Locrix down in the process.

While Val-Yor was a brave leader, he had little respect for Starfire. Calling her a “troq” (meaning “worthless” or “useless”) throughout their mission, the other Titans thought this was a nickname for her, much like the ones they received from Val-Yor (“Champ” for Beast Boy, “Spike” for Robin, “Sunshine” for Raven, “Metal Butt” for Cyborg). Once they found out what he was calling Starfire, even after she saved his life in the Locrix core room, they shunned him from their home.

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