Bios - Trigon

Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson
First Appearance: "Nevermore"
Position: Father of Raven

Biography: Trigon is destined to destroy Earth through his “gem”—his daughter Raven. When she was born, she was cursed with this destiny and it’s up to her and the Titans to attempt to stop Slade and Trigon from fulfilling it.

Trigon nearly destroyed the universe, just as the prophecy had stated. He seized control of Earth and froze everyone in time. With Raven's help, the Titans remained un-frozen and after much battle with Trigon's tricks, the Titans and Slade eventually began to wear Trigon down. It was Raven, however, to defeated her father; after seeing the Titans actually hurting Trigon, she realized she might still have a chance to defeat him. Harnessing what power that her father left in her, Raven grew into an older body and destroyed Trigon.

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