Bios - The Source

Voiced By: Rob Paulsen
First Appearance: "Employee of the Month"
Position: In Cyborg's Stomach

Biography: The Source is of the species "nufu", similar to tofu, only nufu comes from The Source himself. Coming to Earth to take all of it's cows, which powers it's ships. Replacing the cows with a "nutritious, meat-free substitute", the Source claims he will blow up Earth when he is finished. When Beast Boy asks why, the Source simply states "it is our way. We are nufu!"

Destroying the Bob's and taking the Source, Beast Boy stuffs him in the Titans refrigerator, before threatening to eat him. Dousing him in BBQ sauce and Soy sauce, Beast Boy gets The Source to tell him how to destroy the Bobs, save the Cows and destroy the Destruct-O-Tron.

Unfortunately for The Source, Cyborg became hungry after their adventure and consumed him.

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