Bios - Speedy

Voiced By: Mike Erwin
First Appearance: "Winner Take All"
Position: Member of Teen Titans East

Biography: As smart, fast and agile as Robin, Speedy was known as "the agile archer with an unstoppable arsenal of energy arrows." Indeed, with his unstoppable arsenal of arrows, ranging from regular energy blasts, ice, bomb and even heat-seeking missiles, he took down both Aqualad and Wildebeest in the Tournament of Heroes, but ultimately lost to Robin when Robin delivered a blow to his bow that snapped it in two. He was later released from Master of Game's power-container, and helped free those remaining in the container, alongside Robin and Cyborg.

For aiding in the destruction of Master of Games, he, along with Wildebeest and Hot Spot, became an honorary Teen Titan. Speedy later joined the Teen Titans East division, when they went after Brother Blood.

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