Bios - Soto and His Alien Dog

Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance: "Every Dog Has His Day"
Position: Titans Villains

Biography: Everyone in their lifetime has lost a pet and ran around, trying to find them, via car, bike, legs...or...a spaceship?

Soto lost his doggie and traveled all the way to earth to find him. It was here his Alien Dog was found--and while Beast Boy was in dog form, was actually captured by Soto. The dog was later found by the Titans and they struck a deal--the dog would find his former master to free Beast Boy, if they set him free.

A lengthy battle ensued between the Titans and Soto, but try as they might, they couldn't bring him down--that is until the Alien Dog freed Beast Boy and he unleashed a can of Animal-Transforming-Whoop-Tooshie on Soto.

The dog refused to be Soto's pet any longer, but Soto had an idea of how they could stay together: Soto would be the doggie this time. The pair went off in their spaceship, and left behind a severely disturbed team of Titans...

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