Bios - Saico-Tek

Voiced By: Keone Young
First Appearance: Trouble in Tokyo
Position: Destroyed

Biography: A being created by Brushogon, the original Saico-Tek was sent to Jump City to get the attention of the Teen Titans so that he may be freed by them in Tokyo. Commander Daizo, who kept Brusogon prisoner, sent a replacement Saico-Tek to Jump City to destroy the old one and wreak a bit of havoc in it's place. This Saico-Tek was captured by the Titans and interrogated who gave up Brushogon's name and yelling that he "shouldn't have been captured."

Saico-Tek escape the Titans hold and presumably retreated to Tokyo, where one imagines he would have been destroyed by Daizo for his failure in revealing his origins.

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