Bios - Red Star

Voiced By: Jason Marsden
First Appearance: Snowblind
Position: Deceased (?)

Biography: Red Star was created as a "super soldier" against the opposing enemies of Russia. Formed via some kind of gas exposure, Red Star was given superhuman strength and the experiment, headed by Dr. Chang, was thought a success. It was revealed, however, that Red Star gave off an excess of radiation every day that he couldn't contain. This radiation was stored in canisters in an isolated building in Russia.

Starfire and Red Star met when the Titans received a distress call from Russia. Upon arriving, they found a creature that had apparently formed via a leak in Red Star's housing. The radiation he gave off formed with something in the ground to create a destructive monster, something he had no idea had happened. With the Titans, Red Star was able to defeat the monster, but in the process absorbed too much energy. Carrying him off into outer space, Starfire let go of Red Star's hand as he exploded in a super nova.

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