Bios - R-Cycle and Glider

First Appearance: "Date With Destiny" (R-Cycle); "Employee of the Month" (Glider)
Position: Robin's Personal Transportation

Biography: As Robin's personal vehicle, the R-Cycle is sometimes used for intense one-man pursuit--such as that that ensued in his chase with the half-spider/half-human hybrid named "Fang." While Fang got away, Robin's first use of the R-Cycle proved successful.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end--as Johnny Rancid successfully aided in wrecking the R-Cycle--but who says another won't be built?

With improvements to the bike, Robin added another new feature to his costume that works with the bike. Running the bike at a high-speed and then jumping off of it, Robin's suit converts into a glider, complete with jet-pack.

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