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Bios - Mumbo Jumbo

Voiced By: Tom Kenny
First Appearance
: Sum of his Parts
Position: Villain
Mumbo Jumbo in Action

Bio: Mumbo Jumbo is the master magician of thievery: Using everything from scarves to stuffed rabbits in combat, he seems to know how to do everything but how to stop his criminal acts. While he gave the Titans quite the run-a-round, he was captured after Robin gave his wand a quick snap.

During an attempted bank robbery, Mumbo Jumbo trapped the Titans inside his hat, transformed them into animals (Beast Boy into a lamp) and put on a show for it's "residents." Though he was able to keep them in his hat till the finale, Mumbo was eventually stopped when the Titans painted invisible paint on themselves. Mumbo opened up Raven's cage, kicked them with her furry feet and tossed Mumbo all the way out of the top of his hat. With Mumbo gone, the Titans were free of his control and they escaped.

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