Bios - Mother Mae-Eye

Voiced By: Billie Hayes
First Appearance: "Mother Mae-Eye"
Position: Titans Villain

Biography: A mystical creature that was trapped inside a pie, Mother Mae-Eye was unleashed on the Titans after they all ate a piece of the pie Cyborg bought. After eating the pie, the Titans were put under Mother Mae-Eye’s spell, whose goal was to suck all the love out of the Titans:

”Love, love, love! I love love. Love keeps children close! And love keeps mother strong! And now that they couldn’t possibly love me more, I can extract all their sweet, nourishing affection by baking them with love!”

The Titans eventually defeated Mother Mae-Eye by baking her into her own pie again—and then delivering it to the H.I.V.E. members, who promptly ate it.

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