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Bios - Melvin, Bobby, Teether and Timmy

Voiced By:
Tara Strong as Teether
Russi Taylor as Melvin, Timmy
First Appearance: "Hide and Seek"
Position: Young Heroes

Biography: Melvin, Bobby, Teether and Timmy are all part of a group that the Brotherhood of Evil were after. Raven was sent to protect then by Robin and they were able to fend off Mallah from stealing the children for their evil plans.

Melvin – A telekinetic, Melvin is technically the “leader” of the group, since she says that they all just “follow me around.”

Bobby – Whether Bobby is a figment of Melvin’s imagination remains to be seen. While Bobby single handedly caused Mallah to retreat, it is unknown if Bobby was completely real. When Raven apologizes for not believing that Bobby was real (since he was previously invisible), Melvin merely replies “Just because I imagined him, doesn’t mean he isn’t real.”

Teether – Teether has a mean set of teeth that like to chew up everything in sight. His real “power” comes from chewing things up and spitting them out like bullets upon offending foes.

Timmy – While he is certainly the “crybaby” of the bunch, Timmy has good reason: that’s his power. When he gets upset enough, Timmy sends out “tantrum waves” that rock and shred things up.

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