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Bios - Master of Games

Voiced By: Jim Cummings
First Appearance
: "Winner Take All"
Position: Titans Villains
Master of Games in Action

Bio: When Master of Games called upon Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Speedy, Hot Spot, Wildebeest, Aqualad and Gizmo to form a game known as "The Tournament of Heroes", he had no intention of letting any of them go--in fact, any losers of the match were transported into a device he wore around his neck. This device trapped the hero inside, and gave the Master unlimited use of his or her powers. Robin had found this out too late, when he was the only remaining hero from the male-focused tournament--but was able to free his friends trapped inside, causing the Master to disappear.

Only, unbeknownst to the boys, when Master of Games disappeared, it was merely a trick--once they themselves left, he reappeared and zapped all the heroines to the same tournament. Who won that one? We may never know...

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