Bios - Malchior

Voiced By: Greg Ellis
First Appearance: "Spellbound"
Position: Trapped in a book

Biography: In an epic battle that happened over a thousand years ago, the evil dragon Malchior and sorcerer Rorek were locked in a battle that only ended once Rorek cast a spell on Malchior that trapped him inside a book.

The book found it's way to Raven, who had been diligently reading it, day in and out. She only stopped when the book talked to her and, she later found out, that this man in the book had been cursed and stuck there by an evil dragon. Striking a close friendship with him, Raven had no idea of Malchior's true intentions or that he was going to ultimately betray her in the end.

Raven eventually freed Malchior from the book and he respawned into his dragon form. The Titans attempted to take him down, but in the end only Raven had the ability to match his magic. She used the same curse that Rorek used to banish him to the book, and Malchior was locked away once again.

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