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Bios - Mad Mod

Voiced By: Malcom McDowell
First Appearance
: Mad Mod
Position: Titans Villain
Mad Mod in Action

Bio: Tired of the Titans not being "educated", Mad Mod took it into his own hands in order to "teach" them all a lesson. Starting my gassing the Titans and bringing them back to his digitally enhanced world, Mad Mod controlled not only a hologram of himself, but the rest of the building at a control room hidden by walls.

Upon tearing open a slit in the wall Robin dived in to end Mad Mod's days as a teacher--and sentenced him to 20 years of detention.

It seems that Mad Mod broke "detention" early and caused the Titans even more pain when he invaded Jump City on the Fourth of July. Just as the fireworks were going to go off, Mad Mod took over the city with his mind control technology, stole Robin's youth and made everyone say "biscuits" instead of "cookies."

After a tough time of getting their act together, the Titans, sans one very old Robin, took Mad Mod down.


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