Bios - Krall

Voiced By: Michael Clarke Duncan
First Appearance: "Cyborg the Barbarian"
Position: Vanquished

Biography: When Krall freed and evil witch from her imprisonment, she was forced to serve his every need; she sent armies against his people so that he could destroy them and he could be the second-hand to the village leader, Sarasim. But when the witch threw the Teen Titan Cyborg 5000 years into the past, Krall was met with a rival he could not defeat and a horde of enemies that were too strong for him.

Krall forced the witch to make him stronger, melding him with the creatures she had sent, turning Krall into a walking monster. Though he was almost victorious over his enemies, Sarasim was able to defeat Krall and his army before they decimated her land.

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