Bios - Kid Flash

Voiced By: Michael Rosenbaum
First Appearance: "Lightspeed"
Position: Hero

Biography: Gifted with super speed, Kid Flash is able to run incredibly fast. This allows him to whip up wind storms and escape quickly; Kid Flash’s speed is truly astonishing.

Kid Flash attempted to help the Hive Five member Jinx escape from her situation. He believed there was good in her and that she should use her powers for the benefit of others instead of stealing. Though she resisted much along the way and even called Madame Rouge in to take Kid Flash when the Hive Five captured him, Kid Flash still believed in Jinx. This belief (and a rose) gave Jinx the hope and courage to start a new life.

Kid Flash and Jinx later showed up to help the Teen Titans defeat the Brotherhood of Evil, much to the surprise of Gizmo and Mammoth.