Bios - Hot Spot

Voiced By: Bumper Robinson
First Appearance: "Winner Take All"; "Trust" (Speaking)
Position: Honorary Titan

Biography: Able to create and throw fire at will, the Master of Games described Hot Spot as "A human flame-thrower with a fiery temper to match." He lost the first round to Robin, but returned later to take the Master of Games down.

For aiding in the destruction of Master of Games, he, along with Wildebeest and Speedy, became an honorary Teen Titan.

After the Brotherhood of Evil formed, Madame Rouge was sent out to capture one of the Titans transmitters. Instead of going after a real Teen Titan, she went after honorary members. Hotspot was one of them and she nearly fooled him; he broke the communicator before she was able to escape. After Rouge knocked Hot Spot out, Robin showed up and gave "Hot Spot" another communicator. Madame Rouge merely imitated Hot Spot in order to get the communicator; it is unknown if Hot Spot survived.

* - In the official descriptions for "Winner Take All", Hot Spot was originally called Joto.