Bios - Fang and Kitty

Voiced By: Will Friedle as Fang; Tara Strong as Kitty
First Appearance: "Date With Destiny"
Position: Titans Villains

Biography: You wouldn't think a half-human/half-spider hybrid and a sweet, innocent (looking), teenage girl would have something in common--but these two do. What is it exactly? Would you believe that they're...boyfriend and girlfriend?

As with any relationship, theirs have had it's ups and downs, but Fang came back to Kitty in her time of need--when Robin ended their dance (and her Prom) abruptly. Though they both ultimately lost against the power-house team of Robin and Starfire, they put up a good fight--and undoubtedly, they'll return to get their revenge on the two when they get out of jail...