Bios - Dr. Light

Voiced By: Rodger Dumpass
First Appearance: "Nevermore"
Position: Titans Villain

Biography: With the power to wield, manipulate, and fire energy Dr. Light is a deadly and dangerous foe of the Teen Titans. After a quick fight with the Titans, his "lights" were put out when Raven's anger got the better of her, almost killing Dr. Light. He survived, but is very shaken up.

Dr. Light's new plan: "once I drain the energy from fifty-thousand barrels of oil, I will flood the city in never ending daylight." Of course, Light wasn't too bright in this matter: the Titans Tower was facing the oil platform he was attempting to feed off of. Seeing it from their living room window, the Titans attempted to take Dr. Light down, but only succeeded when Raven came on the scene and essentially scared the daylights out of him.