Bios - Ding Dong Daddy

Voiced By: David Johansen
First Appearance: "Revved Up"
Position: Jail

Biography: Ding Dong Daddy is an old fashioned hot rod racer. After he stole a case that belonged to Robin, the Titans were immediately on his tail.

Employing all kinds of dirty tricks on the road, Ding Dong Daddy ended up racing against not only the Titans, but Red-X, Dr. Light, Johnny Rancid, Mumbo Jumbo, Kitty and Fang, Puppet King, Mad Mod, Gizmo, Adonis and Control Freak.

While all these racers were competing for the prize, once Robin saved Red-Xs life after his motorcycle blew up, Red-X aided Robin by destroying all the other racers cars. This enabled Robin to focus on beating Ding Dong Daddy, which of course he did.

Thanks to Tim for identifying Adonis as the driver in the yellow car!