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Bios - Control Freak

Voiced By: Alex Polinsky
First Appearance: "Fear Itself"
Position: Titans Villains

Biography: The ultimate master of controlling things, Control Freak first popped up in a video store, demanding that his favorite movie, "Warp Trek V", be on their list of Top Movies. By making everything in the store, ranging from videos, shelves, and even candy, he wreaked havoc, trying to get what he wanted.

The Titans showed up before he could do any real damage, and he was carried off by the police, undoubtedly plotting his escape and next plan to foil the Titans. After all, what else do villains do in their downtime?

After escaping from prison, Control Freak took over the city's airwaves, invading every channel, one at a time. The Titans followed him into the world of TV (albeit by accident) and chased him down and finished it in a massive dual, complete with widescreen format. The Titans won, once again, and this time trapped Control Freak in a pocket dimension, inside the television series "Clash of the Planets."

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