Bios - Bumble Bee

Voiced By: T'keyan Crystal Kemah
First Appearance: "Wavelength"
Position: Leader of Titans East

Biography: Although Cyborg's identity was found out at the H.I.V.E Academy, there was still another agent inside--and that agent was Bumble Bee.

Bumble Bee is able to fly with her set of wings, as well as shrink down to a smaller size, but still give the same amount of damage. In addition, she uses dual "B" shaped laser weapons that fire a stinging blast.

Bumble Bee helped Cyborg take down Brother Blood's second H.I.V.E. hide-out; while Cyborg took down the generator, Bumble Bee took Blood on. Ultimately, Blood got away; both Aqualad and Bumble Bee are currently looking for him.

When Cyborg steps down as the leaders of the Titans East, he appoints Bumble Bee to take his place. Though worried at first, Bumble Bee quickly fills Cyborg's shoes more than adequately.