Bios - Atlas and Spike

Voiced By: Keith David as Atlas, John DiMaggio as Spike
First Appearance: "Only Human"
Position: Villains

Biography: Atlas was the supreme master of fighting. He never lost a match--either online against some twerp in Gotham City, or in real life against a half-human, half-robot named Cyborg. And why wouldn't he win? He was a robot--he was programmed to win.

We don't know who made him or where he came from, but Atlas has one purpose: To win. That is until Cyborg showed that he could go above what his systems told him--breaking his 100% point, Cyborg defeated Atlas.

Of course, this isn't all to say that Atlas didn't have help--not at all. In fact, Spike, his "Mechanic" (i.e., lackey), was the only one to keep Atlas running until Robin convinced him that Atlas was only using him, and that Atlas was afraid of losing him--otherwise, who would upgrade and repair him? Spike left with the Titans when Atlas was defeated.

Spike's whereabouts are unknown, but Atlas was last rumored to be seen still under the big pile of rocks.